Out of My Tree

This weekend was our official introduction to Amsterdam weekend with a lot of international students! Everything was crazy,crazy fun with going out and getting to meet lots of new people!

The first day ( Friday) we started out with a movie and mega twister, then went into the city center for a pub crawl through Leidseplain which is probably the most famous of the bar/club areas in Amsterdam. We got back around 4:30 in the morning, went to sleep, woke up around 12 then had to leave again to go meet at Dam square for a canal tour, walking tour, dinner, and another pub crawl throughout the city. The walking tour was definitely interesting, learning about the history or how the city was built, why prostitution is legal and marijuana is tolerated, and the architecture of course. We also got to go to one of the best clubs in Amsterdam, Melkweg! Lots of rooms including a movie theatre room, trampoline, and two large dance floors. Definitely nothing like I’ve seen before. After another late night, the last day was a little rough and “out of my tree” as a new friend form New Zealand (Peri) would say. We went on a scavenger hunt through the city finding monuments and taking pictures of ourselves doing certain things. We went to a restaurant/ bar afterwards and then finally biked back home for an earlier…night. Overall it was an amazing into weekends and gave a taste of what this year has in store. Looking forward to getting a  little traveling in this weekend hopefully, and maybe some rock climbing around the city?! Lots to discover yet…


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