Planes, Trains, Kayaks, Farms, Skydiving?

Time is going by quick and I’m growing more and more comfortable with Amsterdam every day. I’ve been planning for months and months the places I want to visit around Europe and I’m finally about to embark on my first of many adventures….

Sept. 28-Oct.1:

Fly to Edinburgh, train to Fort William to go sea kayaking (!!!!), train to Glasgow to fly back to Amsterdam

Oct. 5-7



First WWOOFing experience in Germany 🙂



Barcelona, San Sebastian & Menorca


Paris? Austria? Prague?


7 Days Surfing and Yoga in Agadir, Morocco!

Mom comes for Christmas!!

London, Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg?

That’s the plan for now. Hoping it all works out buuuut when do plans really work out exactly as you want? Excited for the unexpected events coming up


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