Sangria, Tapas, and Good Company

After a long week of studying and pulling all-nighters for exams, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than escape for holiday on the beach! My friend Amy and I had been looking forward to the trip for quite some time and were more than ready to go to Barcelona for 6 days of sightseeing, beaches, and the laid back Spanish style!

We flew into Barcelona around 10 pm and walked to our hostel from Plaza Catalunya, the main square in the city. The hostel we stayed in was really nice for only paying about 11 euros a night and was situated in the perfect location. We walked around the city a little and spent a little too much on a glass of Sangria… but it was worth it 🙂 We had a nice sleep in the next day then did a little sightseeing in a GOcar…one of the highlights of the trip!


The car had a built in navigation that talked to you and led you around the city. We still drove on the road with all of the other cars which was a bit scary, but an awesome way to see the city and getting some background info while driving around.

After that we were in desperate need of food so we went to a small cafe and got the menu del dia, 3 courses for a fixed price. SUCH a good deal! Afterwards we walked around and did a little shopping before going back to the hostel. Every night the hostel has a couple people come in to take everyone out into the city for a bar crawl. We decided to join in on the fun and a group of about 7 or 8  of us played beer pong then went out for the night. People don’t usually start going out till 1 or 2 usually go it was definitely later than usual, but we had no problem sleeping in the next day!


Barcelona has amazing shopping so we spent most of  Friday taking advantage of that and eating tapas and of course drinking more wine. We went back to the hostel and were yet again convinced to go out for another night in the city. We met a really awesome group of people, mostly Aussies, and played beer pong then went out to 3 different places. It was SO much fun and we definitely would’ve regretted staying in.


Amy had to leave to go back to London at 8 am the next day so we basically stayed up all night and I ended up going to bed around 9 am… can’t say i’ve ever done that before! I didn’t want the next day to be a complete bust so I got up around 11:30 am and did some sightseeing around the different markets and went to Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece! It was absolutely incredible


That night a bunch of us just hung around the hostel and had a relatively quite night compared to the others. The next day (Sunday) Me and a guy I met at the hostel decided to sightsee a little more and went to Parc Guell and then some of the other monuments, markets, and beaches throughout the city! Parc Guell was really something and was filled with sculptures and viewpoints. I also got to meet up with Laura, a friend from high school who was visiting Barcelona for the weekend. It was so great to see her after being a couple years!


The beaches were really nice, a bit cold but it was nice to put my feet in the sand and watch the people passing by. Definitely some strange characters that come up to you… offering massages, beer, hash, and other assorted substances ha.


We all had another amazing night out at some bars and clubs around the city on Sunday night and I couldn’t have asked to meet better people while visiting. They were mostly all Australian and they definitely know how to have a good time. The last day me and a friend, Caitlin, went to Vilanova i la Geltru. Its a small beach town just outside of Barcelona and it was super quiet and tame compared to the busy city. We had an amazing lunch with a bottle of wine then went walking around the beach for a while before getting on the train back. Such a great way to top off the trip.


AK-47 Shots! Coffe and sugar on a lemon with a shot of Vodka. YUMMY!ImageImageImageImage

All in all, could not have asked for a better time in Barcelona and I’m so excited to go to other cities in Spain to see what other adventures are in store. Thanks to all the people I met throughout the week, you were all wonderful! Now back to classes and life in Amsterdam… for now!



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