For all of those ready to leave our country…


Today is the day after elections. The day that half of the country is elated and the other half declare national armageddon, prospectively.

Scanning through Twitter and Facebook I’m both entertained and frightened by some of the ways youth, in particular, react to the way the vote went. People threatening to leave the country, declaring their “disappointment” in the American people, and the ever so outrageous “someone needs to kill Obama”. For all of those that are hoping for the end of the world in December simply due to election results … let me offer you some perspective.

Coming to Europe I thought I would fall in love. Fall in love with the history, the people, the architecture. and the European “way”. I think many students that come abroad can agree that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the pond. And if you haven’t had the chance to go abroad yet or even just across the border to our northern neighbor, how would you know what America is like compared to other countries?

The truth is, everyone is in love with their own country regardless if they’ve realized it yet.

Like any relationship, it takes leaving to realize just how good you had it. I’m not talking necessarily about how our government is run, taxes, medicare, and gas prices. I’m talking about just how great our country, people, and culture is. We are still a democracy and we will remain a democracy. We will still have the right to vote in 4 years and the country is not going to crumble beneath our feet. The only thing that we should be really passionate about is our rights as human beings, as Americans. If you are gay and someone is telling you who you can and can’t marry.. than that is an issue worth relocating for. If you are a woman and the government is telling you what you can and can’t do with your body, than that is an issue worth fighting for. No politics aren’t always fair and the government may take your money, but your not going to escape it by moving somewhere else. In fact, many governments will probably take more.

If your happiness simply depends on actions the government takes involving money, then you have bigger problems that no president would ever be able to fix.

If your sulking and can’t seem to remember why you love the ol’ US of A… let me give you some of my reasons:

1. Water fountains

2. American accents

3. Football, hockey, college sports

4. PBR

5. College campuses

6. Suburbs

7. the beauty of our landscape

8. When people walking down the street ask you how your doing, even if they don’t really care

9. dolla dolla bills

10. microbreweries

11. ice cubes

12. Thanksgiving

13. The Superbowl

14. Cinco de Mayo and other holidays we celebrate for no reason

15. a place and people to call home

I should stop myself there before I get too sentimental.

In conclusion, I’m not trying to say it doesn’t matter whatsoever who our president is, as they are one of the symbols of our nation while they are in office. I’m just trying to remind you that our country is great because of the constant change and challenge we en. Both good times and bad times have made us one of the greatest countries in the world. We are not perfect, we can learn from other countries and they learn from us too. But always remember how proud you are to be an American.. it’s something no one can take away from.

Long live the USA, I think everyone can cheers to that



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