Walk. Drink. Walk. Eat (Repeat)

On Wednesday I got back from a week of traveling through Brugge,  Munich (again), Prague and Budapest! I went to Brugge (Bruges) just for the weekend right before I left for Munich to see Emily and Stewart since they were passing through on a little European adventure of their own! My friends came the next day and we spent a cozy weekend wandering the city and drinking amazing Belgian beer. It honestly couldn’t have been any better. We came back to Amsterdam on a Sunday and I left again that wednesday. I was originally supposed to go to Poland instead of Munich, however the ever so reliable Ryanair cancelled my flight so I decided to take the train to visit Clara again in Munich and then train to Prague from there. From Prague I then went by train the Budapest for a couple of days and then flew back to Amsterdam.

Brugge is one of the cutest, romantic cities in Europe and is perfect for a weekend getaway. We spent the days admiring the medieval architecture and then when we couldn’t bear the cold anymore we would go to a  cafe and grab a warm drink. We ate the classic mussels and chips and took advantage of the beer being so good and cheap. One of my absolute favorite beers is Delirium and if I tried to get it back  in the states it would run me a good 8-10 dollars a bottle. So sad. For people that aren’t big into hops, they also have a really good Kriek (cherry) beer that is both strong and delicious. It’ll knock you on your arse. All in all the weekend was a great way to relax after a hectic holiday season 🙂


Munich was great as always and was filled with a nice night out and indulging in delicious beer at the Hofbrauhaus. I quickly realized that traveling through Europe in the winter consists mostly of walking around the city then popping into cafes to warm up , eating hearty meals, and drinking to offer some liquid courage in the cold. Its absolutely wonderful. And of course the nice blanket of snow that covers everything makes the cities look even more charming.


Before Prague I made a short stop in Plzen, Czech Republic to see the famous Urquell brewery, which is famous for creating the Pilsener type of beer! It was really cool to see the history behind the beer and of course tasting it straight from the source 🙂


Prague has gained a lot of popularity more recently and has become quite touristy, and for good reason.The city is absolutely beautiful and its CHEAP. I got there one day before Kristen arrived so I spent the first night hanging out in the hostel and walking around the city to get my bearings. I slept in, explored, went to a cafe and then met Kristen at the main station. We then did more walking (trend?) and then met up with some guys for dinner and drinks that she had met while on the bus to the center of the city. Prague has a great nightlife and a lot of different types of bars/cafes/clubs. The next two days we saw the sites, ate hearty meals, and simply enjoyed exploring a new city together!


I left Sunday night on the train to Budapest, which was about 7 hours. Budpest is even cheaper than Prague and slightly more alternative. The hostel I stayed in was 4 euros a night, crazy. The  weather wasn’t particularly nice while I was there, but can’t really have high expectations for Europe in the wintertime. I did a free walking tour where I met some girls from Brazil who were also studying/ traveling around Europe. We got yummy Goulash and a bottle of Hungarian wine for dinner then went out to a nice bar for the night. The next days just consisted of walking around various sights and visiting funky cafes and bars.



I flew back to Amsterdam from Budapest and am back now for a couple of weeks before traveling again. Classes are lectures are scattered, but I really haven’t missed anything surprisingly. Next week a lot of the new exchange students will be getting in so I’m looking forward to seeing more new faces! Also, a couple of friends and I are going to the BOLS distillery to get a tour and a cocktail making class , then seeing Dispatch in concert the next day! Woo!   In February I’ll be going through Switzerland for a couple of days on the way to Nice, France for a 10 mile race and Carnaval celebration with Lana. Then the week after that I’ll be going to Ireland with Peri for a week to travel and run a half marathon!

Thats all for now folks, thanks for reading. Cheers!

xx Carrie

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