Half- Way Perspectives

5 months, 22 days

Seems like a long time, but its the fastest 5 months and 22 days of my life (and arguably the best).

Recently I had some couch surfers staying at my apartment and it was a really great experience. The 2 guys were Dutch and they literally lived 20 minutes away by train and didn’t have to couch surf, but they wanted an adventure. They were really interested in actually meeting new people an experiencing a familiar city through the eyes of someone new. Things like this constantly remind me of why I travel and the importance of getting out that nice, cozy comfort zone.

Everyday I wake up and feel like everything is still brand new. So much to see, so many people to meet, and so many experiences to take part in. A new round of international students made there way into Amsterdam and I find myself so envious of the novelty of just arriving here. The first two weeks of living somewhere completely out of the ordinary is so thrilling and really makes you vulnerable to every encounter you have. After a couple weeks you get acquainted with the city and your surroundings and begin to form groups of friends then falling into a routine. The newness wears off a bit, but you still wake up and can’t believe that this is all really happening.

Having said that, it is also nice to be able to give advice to others and help them navigate the overwhelming process of getting settled into a foreign city. It’s been really awesome getting to meet so many new people and the energy spreads through all of the students both new and old. It made me realize just how amazing this experience is and how lucky I am to be able to live this life.  My family is absolutely amazing and they’re support and openness to my spontaneous life style has allowed me to have the best time of my life here as a 20 something girl in Amsterdam.

The next six months will consist of more eating, drinking, meeting, running, and craziness as always. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time because I know how quickly the time will pass and I’ll hit the hard wall of reality.

Saturday I leave for Switzerland/ Milan/ Nice!

–> Going to Gryon with Kristen until Tuesday, then to Interlaken until Thursday

–> Meeting Lana in Milan, one night there then train to Nice, France

–> Carnaval partying in Nice and our 10 mile race on Sunday!!! Monday, returning home.

So far, I’ve got a week long trip to Ireland with Peri in the books for early March where we are running a half-marathon together! Then after that a massive international student ski and snowboarding trip to Risoul, France! SO EXCITED

i love it




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