ESNOW 2013

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update, however it has taken this long to recover from my 8 days in the Alps of partying and snowboarding. Classes have started up again today and it’s just hit me that this is my last period of studying here in Amsterdam. Time has literally flown by so fast this semester, even more so than the first one.

Anyways, back to the epic 8 days that was ESNOW 2013.

March 15 a big group from Amsterdam left for a 17 hour bus trip down to Risoul, France. Along the way we picked up other students in the Netherlands and periodically stopped for rest breaks. The bus we were on was really sick, we could drink beers and watch movies as we made our way through Belgium, Luxembourg, and the South of France. After we got to Risoul we put all of our things into massive containers and hit the slopes. We couldn’t move into our rooms until 5pm so we were snowboarding all day and then finally got settled in the afternoon. Once we were settled we got ready for our first theme party, represent your country. So of course I brought all of my ‘Merica stuff with me. The first night was really fun meeting a bunch of new people and getting acclimated.


The second day I happily slept in hit the slopes around noon. That night was St. Pattie’s day so of course we all pulled out the green and partied at the Yetti bar to celebrate! Most days on the slopes ended around 4 or 5 and after we would go to the Apres ski and happy hour at the bar just off the slopes. We’d all eat dinner and then take part in whatever party/theme was going on that night. Monday night was a ‘white trash’ theme–> hence the bag od wine, Tuesday was a much needed night off, Wednesday was hippie night , Thursday was a pool party, and Friday was a toga party finale!


Being out on the slopes that many days in a row was absolutely amazing and I was able to improve so much. The views were spectacular from the top of the mountain I literally crashed a couple times because I go distracted by how nice it was up there. On saturday we all chilled out in the town for most of the day and then the bus left around 9 pm to head back to Amsterdam overnight. Needless to say it was a wild week that will be hard to ever top.

IMG_2210 IMG_2246 IMG_2315 IMG_2337


2 thoughts on “ESNOW 2013

  1. Nice pics. Looks like you’re having a blast and making a lot of friends. Any new pictures? I’m in withdrawal. 🙂

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