No Pasa Nada

Last week I went on a week long trip to Spain to visit Christina who is studying in Malaga! I was supposed to go to Palma, Mallorca as well, however due to some complications with Ryanair I missed my flight and had to buy a new one straight to Malaga. Word of warning to anyone flying Ryanair…NEVER forget to print your boarding passes, or else it will cost you dearly. 70 euro. I couldn’t bring myself to pay the 70 euro out of principal so I bought a new ticket for 69 euro. Kind of a win? Anyways, I loved being able to spend more time in Malaga! It is such a nice city, really vibrant and lively.

We spent most of the days laying on the beach, walking around the city, eating tapas and drinking wine/sangria/tinto de verano. The Spanish lifestyle is super easy going and it was a nice change of pace from northern Europe. The first full day I went for a run along to beach while Christina was in class and then grabbed a nice lunch and laid out on the beach.


The next day we took an hour bus ride east to Nerja. The beaches there are amazing, beautiful and a bit more private than the ones in Malaga. The coastline is rocky and there are a lot of little coves to explore.


On Friday we did some sightseeing around the city again and some shopping as well! We got churros con chocolate, a traditional Spanish snack 🙂 We went out at night to the bars. In Spain, things don’t really get started till midnight at the earliest and go into the wee hours of the morning.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Saturday, Christina, her friends, and I went to a Malaguenian wine bar and sampled some traditional wines. All of them were super sweet, but really nice. The rest of the day consisted of eating, drinking some more wine, and staying up all night so I could catch my flight early in the morning. ImageImageImageImageImage

It was so nice to get to catch up with old friends and be back in Spain for another week! Compared to Barcelona, Malaga was more traditional Spanish and had a bit more culture. The language is also significantly different since in the North they speak either Basque or Catalan. I absolutely love Spain and wish I could spend more time to travel around there. Can’t wait to go back at some point later in life.

As for now, I’m hanging out in Amsterdam and looking at planning trips to London and Croatia before my Mom and sister arrive at the end of May!

xx Carrie


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